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Feel lost, confused, or stick in a job you are not enjoying? We are proud to be UK’s market leader in career coaching. Whatever your coaching need, we have the expert Careers Coaches for your success.

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Career advice helps people to understand which direction they would like to take their career towards. This can be different for everyone; whether you are unhappy in your current role and would like to progress; or you want to change your career entirely, but are not sure what you could do next. Our Career Coaches can help you develop a plan (an action plan) that includes information to help you take your next steps forward.

The action plan details the steps you are going to take towards the goals and objectives you and your coach will have agreed. The steps will be different for everyone, but examples can include writing a CV, enrolling on a course, where to look for work, etc. The plan can then be reviewed and changing as you move forward.

How can a careers advisers help?

There are many ways career coaching could benefit you, what you take away from it really is down to you and the reasons why you are seeking help. What you cover during sessions will depend on you and the coach, though common topics include:

  • Improving your career progression within your current organisation
  • Understanding your ‘perfect career’ and exploring your options
  • Identifying and overcoming potential obstacles
  • Learning to utilise your skills and experiences, and how to improve
  • Interview coaching to help you stand out from the crowd
  • CV writing to help you get noticed
  • Support in changing career paths
  • Overcoming the feeling of being ‘stuck’ career-wise
  • Positioning yourself for future opportunities
  • Formulating a set of attainable goals and a plan of action
  • Rebalancing your work and home life and manage personal priorities
  • Returning to work after long-term leave or sickness

You do not need to be in a full-time role to benefit from career coaching. You may be a school or college leaver who feels a little lost after spending so long in education, not knowing where to turn next. You may be a university graduate; you may have spent years studying a particular subject but realise it’s a career you no longer want to pursue.

Career Development Plan

Career Coaches help develop a career development plan; it is best described as your personal plan for your future. It tends to include your goals, ideas and aspirations for your ideal work life and lifestyle. Taking the time to create a personal career development plan enables you to fully appreciate your existing career strengths, weaknesses, talents, skills, and interests. It also allows you to see how big the gap is between where you are in terms of your career at the moment and where you want to be in the next 5, 10 or 15 years. By defining your career goals in detail, you are able to see clearly what resources and benefits you have to offer an employer and what you need to attain in order to close the career gap.

Ideal Career consultants can provide you with step by step guidance to help you plan for the future, especially if your goals include potential of overseas immigration.

Our recruitment consultants have helped many skilled professionals across a range of specialisms get new jobs abroad. We make it our priority to assist individuals finding the perfect opportunity and introducing to the organisation’s candidates for their vacancies. With a network of international talent to choose from, we pride ourselves in helping individuals develop their career and organisations to find the right candidates.

We Can Provide You Step by Step Guidance

Ideal Career specialise in Permanent and Executive Skilled Worker Recruitment Services

Ideal Career consultants can provide you with step by step guidance to help you plan for the future, especially if your goals include potential of overseas immigration.

Ideal Career recruitment consultants have helped many skilled professionals across a range of specialisms get new jobs in UK. Ideal career Consultants is a leading foreign recruitment Consultants bringing top international talent to UK on sponsorship. We provide client companies and candidates with integrity, personal attention, and confidentiality at the highest professional standards.

We attract and present qualified international candidates to UK employers in record time because of our extensive experience, knowledge and unique approach.

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Ideal Career.

We are a unique Career Consultancy we are dedicated to supporting International students with study options and skilled migrants find work in UK. Our Careers advisers offer Information advice and Guidance to support your progression and our recruitment services provide you with sponsored work opportunities in UK.

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