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Assessments / Psychometric Testing for Employment

Psychometric Interview test measures the skills, knowledge (and to a certain extent) the personality of a potential candidate. Such testing is employed as part of the screening process applied to applicants for job roles. Employers use them to ‘screen’ candidates at the pre-interview stage. They are typically administered online or during an assessment event and help the employer to decide which candidates are a potentially good ‘fit’ for the role and organisation. As such, it provides the basis for entry into the next stage of the selection process.

Naturally, there are variations depending on the employer and sector, but tests tend to measure diagrammatic reasoning (logical reasoning ability), error checking (attention to detail), numerical reasoning, spatial reasoning and verbal reasoning.  This list is not exhaustive, but candidates should expect a variant of each or several.

Interview Assessments

How to Pass a Psychometric Test?

If there were a clear and fool proof way of achieving 100% in each form of psychometric test, there is little point in calling them tests.  Which is to say that they are designed to measure everyone’s reasoning and by extension, suitability for the role.  However, there are ways in which candidates can prepare so they better equipped. 

Variations in Test Types

  • Numerical Reasoning

    These tests will measure the candidates ability with data, charts, graphs or statistics.  They may also be used to assess knowledge of rates, ratios, currency and percentages.

  • Abstract Reasoning

    This form of assessment essentially measures the candidates ability to learn quickly; to assimilate to ideas and skills. They can measure how well an individual can spot subtle changes or patterns, using images or other visual data.  These tests may be used for engineering, science or IT roles.

  • Verbal Reasoning

    This form or assessment measures the candidates evaluation of written arguments and concepts.  Essentially, this form of assessment is used to challenge the individuals comprehension of specific concepts as they relate to the role.  They can also test for grammar and spelling.

  • Situational Judgement

    With this assessment, a hypothetical situation may be presented to the candidate and they will be given a few options to choose from as a solution.  It may be that they are asked to choose the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ option.  In this case, it is vital that the instructions of fully understood.

  • Error Checking

    This form of assessment measures attention to detail, speed and accuracy.  For example, a set of data may be presented, and the candidate is asked to identify the errors within.  In this way, this form of is often used for technical or mechanical roles. 

  • Practicing Psychometric Assessments

    Candidates are often understandably concerned that they will be underprepared for psychometric tests, but there are a few websites that can be used for practice and preparation.  Here are some websites that can help to develop an understanding of what to expect.

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