Skilled Worker Sponsorship Opportunities

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Skilled Worker Visa and Global Talent Visa are new UK immigration categories introduced by UK Government. The UK work permits under these schemes is still one of the best ways of entering the UK, Ideal Career Consultants in partnership with Goldman Partners Legal services help facilitate your journey to the UK with relative ease

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Skilled worker Sponsorship Opportunities

How it works

Skilled worker shortage occupation list provides a list of occupations that the UK government has deemed to be in demand and shortage of individuals with the skills to fulfil the current vacancies. The UK government has taken positive action so that individuals from overseas can successfully apply and secure the vacant positions.
In theory the process is simple find a vacancy advert submit an application, CV or application form, progress through to Interview and secure the job. The employer must be on the register of employers list If you are unable to find vacancy you can look through the register of employers and find employers in your sectors.

Barriers to securing Sponsorship
Economic climate- UK economy like rest pf the world has had a major setback as direct result of Covid-19 pandemic. Many organisations are facing cutbacks, redundancies and are really having to tighten their belts and service. Although some normality is now returning there is still a degree of uncertainty and fears of another lockdown still looming as new variants are identified in the UK. UK economy is still feeling the effects of Brexit and as yet full impact has not been established due to UK and most of Europe being in lockdown.
In short, the economic climate is making employers nervous and uncertain of the future, sponsorship of overseas employees is not a priority. There are only a few sectors such as health sector where sponsorship opportunities are available.
Lack of Employability skills – this term refers to how employable an individual maybe based on their self-promotion through CV, application forms, Job interviews, social media, and presentation skills. Unfortunately, most candidates do not have knowledge of the recruitment process and identifying how to present and promote yourself to employers to progress through the stages. Feedback from employers is whilst revieing application forms and CV for vacancies they can see the individual has much more experience then they have evidenced, unfortunately employers have to follow strict employment laws and can only select candidates based on the information provided.

How we Help
We carry out In-depth career assessment, exploring the candidate’s skills, values, potential and transferable skills. We explore options that suit the candidate and based on this form an action plan which covers short term and long-term job hunting strategies.
Working with the client we update CV to reflect UK job market, reflecting skills and experience that employers are seeking. We teach the candidate how to amend the CV to match different job applications. We help write cover letters and job applications, our aim is to mentor the candidate and teach employability skills making them self-sufficient.
The job-Hunting strategy will include actions on how to search for relevant job listings, identify potential employers, professional LinkedIn profile and use social media to reach out and make a positive impression.
We will use our network of employers and recruitment agencies too to put you in front of the employer. We will prepare candidates for interviews by providing Interview coaching and presentation coaching.
Where applicable we will negotiate your terms of employment such as renumeration package, salary holidays etc.
Our aim is to provide you with complete professional service under one roof in choosing an employer and securing employment, sponsorship and visa application.

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